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We hear "Sell my Timeshare" from those wanting to sell and "I want to buy a timeshare" from those that like the vacation ownership concept. We are the experts and it takes timeshare buyers, timeshare sellers and specialized timeshare brokers in a timeshare reseller network to make such a market place work!

The sale closing of your timeshare is of tremendous importance to one person -- you! You will discover that once you’ve decided to sell or buy a timeshare, there are various options available to you as to “how” you market timeshare including the use of timeshare resale companies and a timeshare reseller network. However, some of these timeshare options may be impractical. So what is the best avenue to pursue to get your timeshare sold? Read more

Timeshare Sale Tool-Links

We strive to provide you with the best consumer tools so that you can receive the most current information for the resale of your timeshare. Here are a few we reccomend:

  • Timeshare Resale Study - Shows timeshare resale buying trends and average resale prices.
  • Timeshare Resale Blog - Providing vacation enthusiasts with trends, stories and tips about buying, selling and renting timeshare.

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New Timeshare Resale Ads

Celebrity Resorts Reno - 366672

Week: Floating (High-Red)
Points: 40000
Price: $16900

Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate - 366671

Las Vegas, NEVADA
Week: Floating (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Points: N/A
Price: $29900

Silverleaf's Piney Shores - 366670

Week: 38 (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Points: N/A
Price: $14500

Surrey Vacation Resort Carriage Place - 366669

Week: Floating (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Points: N/A
Price: $5995

Silverleaf Presidents Fairway - 366653

Week: 31 (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Points: N/A
Price: $33333

Silverleaf's Ozark Mtn Resort - 366650

Kimberling City, MISSOURI
Week: 37 (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Points: N/A
Price: $23499

Grandview at Las Vegas - 366649

Las Vegas, NEVADA
Week: 33 (High-Red)
1 bdrm
Points: N/A
Price: $9995

Silverleaf Hill Country Resort - 366667

Canyon Lake, TEXAS
Week: 14 (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Points: N/A
Price: $21000

Lawrence Welk Resort Villas - 366648

Week: Floating (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Points: 300000
Price: $50000

Silverleaf's Seaside Resort - 366647

Galveston, TEXAS
Week: Floating (Medium-White)
2 bdrm
Points: N/A
Price: $10499


Featured Timeshare Property

Featured Timeshare Resale - President's Villas at Hill Country Resort President's Villas at Hill Country Resort
Week#: 6
Bedrooms: 2
Price: $9700
These select accommodations are part of the Silverlea...timeshare details

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